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At Bexter Sports, our growth has always
gone hand in hand with our community.

We are a small business started in Staten Island, New York, grown from a lifelong love of the game and the desire to make beautiful, wooden bats for teams we know. Along they way, we continue to meet inspiring individuals and organizations, and we love giving back. 

At home, we donate custom engraved bats for critical foundations raising awareness, individual players fighting challenges, and communities in need. Internationally, we're starting Team Bexter at Kiva.org to fund microloans to entrepreneurs wherever they may dream.

Thank you for helping us help others
& spread the love of baseball.

Mike Scerbo, Founder
(Below, my Dad, Tony Scerbo,
front row and second from the right.)


After funding Kiva projects personally, we're looking forward to creating more momentum with Team Bexter. View Team Bexter, our Kiva Lending Team. 


One on One Physical Therapy's HS Senior Baseball Game & Autism Awareness Fundraiser VIEW


Annual Boomer & Carton Mikey Strong Ice Hockey Tournament VIEW
Annual Golf Outing for Mike Nichols VIEW


Supporting the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, whose mission is to save lives by fighting tirelessly to prevent and cure ovarian cancer, and to improve the quality of life for survivors. VIEW


In the spirit of Dr. Atlas, who provided free medical care to those who could not afford it and made house calls to give personal care to his patients until he was 80 years old, the Foundation has attempted since its inception to ease the burden of the less fortunate among us... The Foundation comes to the aid of people in a variety of difficult situations, people who would otherwise fall between the cracks. VIEW


Going to Bat for Baseball Players  Staten Island Advance

Due to the enduring nature and age of the game, some people believe that baseball can be used to inspire people to never lose hope.
Mike Scerbo intends to apply this concept to the fullest to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The 54-year-old from West Brighton and CEO of Bextersports.com intends to donate and deliver his company’s wood baseball bats to every child and family on Staten Island that was devastated by Hurricane Sandy.
“I started seeing all the efforts around Staten Island and the goodwill of everyone, and I wanted to know how I could contribute and how I could help out, and this is something close to me — baseball,” said Scerbo. “I didn’t want this to be a faded memory,” he said about the devastation Hurricane Sandy brought upon Staten Island. 
Working with high school baseball coaches on Staten Island, the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), the Great Kills, South Shore and Staten Island little leagues, Scerbo is donating free bats to those in need. All profits from any sales now through December will go to the Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund, the Stephen Siller Foundation, and the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation. Scerbo is kicking off his initiative by personally contributing the first 100 bats. “I’m donating simply because I love the game, and I see this as letting these kids know somebody’s thinking about them,” said the Bexter Sports CEO.